Welcome to the Eric Garrison Rustic Designs website!  The fact is that if your business is vital and active, there's no such thing as a finished website.  So you'll find that this one changes periodically, although probably not as often as it should.  My product pages are unlike those for many businesses because each piece that I make is individual and unique.  I maintain a fairly active schedule of shows, so though I try to post pictures of new work, sometimes those pieces are sold almost before I get them posted.  So treat the gallery pages like an archive, rather than a catalog.  (Still, if you see something you like, let me know.  It might still be here - or maybe I can make something just like it for you.)  

     Whenever it's too hot or too cold to work in my shop (it's temperature controlled by Mother Nature),  I'll do what I can to maintain the blog pages and keep them entertaining or informative, or, hopefully, both.  I'll also do my best to keep the product pages current.  If you see something in the photo pages or in the product descriptions that strikes your fancy, please do get in touch with me (eric@ericgarrisonrusticdesigns.com).  I'd be happy to try and make you a piece that suits your ideas and imaginings! 

     Check out the calendar page, and if you happen to be able to come to a show, please don't hesitate to let me know that you've visited the website.  Establishing an online community of folks who like my work is an exciting thing to contemplate, but unless you let me know you're there, I might get to thinking that there's no one here but me...

     Drop your name on the email  list.  Leave me a comment or two in the guestbook, too, and let me know you're there!  I  look forward to hearing from you.  Best, Eric

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Where's that music coming from?

As you look through the Eric Garrison Rustic Designs website, you might like to listen to some of Eric's music.  Just go to the music section at the bottom of each page and click on a song.  The music will follow you as you move from page to page.  

An award-winning songwriter, Eric divides his time between his rustic furniture business and playing music.  His CD "Looking for Egypt" is available through www.CDBaby.com.  Or visit Eric's music website at www.ericgarrison.net for more information.  Happy Listening!