Eric Garrison - Chief Rustic and Shop Vac operator

As a college student growing up in the early Seventies, Eric had an unformed vision of the life he would like to someday lead.  He pictured himself in a cabin built of rough-sawn lumber sitting on the edge of a wooded pond with a dog by his side.  Then he set about a building a dual career for himself as a musician and teacher.  Nine months a year, he molded young minds, and then, on weekends and school vacations, hit the road to pursue his musical visions.  It was a busy but rewarding existence, and through it, Eric saw many of his dreams fulfilled.  He spent a fair amount of time on the road, opened shows for many of his inspirations (Bill Monroe, Chet Atkins, Tom Paxton, Shawn Colvin, Eric Andersen, Iris DeMent - to name a few), and had the chance to record with people whose music informed his own musical vocabulary (Rick Danko and Garth Hudson of The Band, Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step, folk music legend John McCutcheon, Van Morrison guitarist John Platania, among others).  Along the way, Eric was involved in the genesis of two acclaimed songwriting workshops (The Swannanoa Gathering's Contemporary Folk Week and the Cedar Run Song Workshops), where he brought together his talents as both teacher and musician.  

     New directions awaited as Eric reached the end of his formal teaching career.  Returning to his idyllic college vision, he discovered a love for making things from wood, something he no doubt inherited from his father, an electrical engineer with a great talent for carpentry and wood-carving. In 2013, he began work under the banner of Eric Garrison Rustic Designs, building himself a small cabin-workshop on the edge of Brown Dog Pond, where he and his loyal pup, Finnigan, enjoy working and daydreaming.  Nights, Eric can be found laboring with one of his guitars, either standing on the singer-songwriter's stage or pounding out some rock and roll with friends (usually Annie and the Attaboys) in a local venue.  Either way, life is good.  

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Where's that music coming from?

As you look through the Eric Garrison Rustic Designs website, you might like to listen to some of Eric's music.  Just go to the music section at the bottom of each page and click on a song.  The music will follow you as you move from page to page.  

An award-winning songwriter, Eric divides his time between his rustic furniture business and playing music.  His CD "Looking for Egypt" is available through  Or visit Eric's music website at for more information.  Happy Listening!