Cedar Box - Western Red Cedar Box with Willow trim and maple handle; live bark edge on lid

This particular item has been sold, but I've got more cedar and willow, and would be happy to make one to suit your needs - size, materials, trim, interior (lined or unlined, etc.) - all of these attributes can be customized to your specifications.  If you're interested, drop me a message at eric@ericgarrisonrusticdesigns.com!

Cedar Sofa Table - Cedar top, stripped maple legs and braces; mortise and tenon joinery (no nails); finished with tung oil

This is just one example of a furniture piece that I can build for you.  This one has been sold, but I'd be happy to make you a sofa table, end table, plant stand, etc., in this same style.  Attributes can be customized - other woods are available for top and legs, for instance, and finishes can be varied.  All of my furniture pieces feature mortise and tenon joinery, much of it hand-carved.  No nails!  The tung oil finish  produces a satin effect - soft to the touch and luminous, but not shiny, under light.  If you prefer a harder, shinier finish or a wax finish - or no finish at all - this can be accommodated.  Just drop me a line at eric@ericgarrisonrusticdesigns.com, and we can design something to suit your tastes!

Low rustic stool - This one has an oak seat with maple and willow legs/cross-braces. Paste wax finish. Solid mortise and tenon joinery. No nails!

This item is an example of a rustic stool - I can build you a similar stool or bench, made to your specifications.  (The example pictured has been sold.)  Height, seat width, length, materials - all can be customized for you.  Just get in touch (eric@ericgarrisonrusticdesigns), and we can get started on a design for you!

"Elfin" Chair - These are small chairs, usually about 14" high, made of "found" woods and other materials that find their way to my shop.

This particular example has been sold, but I maintain an inventory of elfin chairs and can certainly build one for you.  Be advised that each of these chairs is unique and different - it's probably best for you to stop by and see me at a craft fair (see our calendar page), as I always have several elfin chairs with me.  Each and every one is different.  Of course, all are hand-made, featuring hand-carved mortise and tenon joints - no nails!  Seat materials vary, but I can often accommodate requests for particular colors and textures.  Drop me a message at eric@ericgarrisonrusticdesigns.com.  We'll talk!

Toddler Chair - Birch and willow frame with maple; decorative "Winter Trees" back; woven Shaker-style fabric tape seat; 24" high at the back

This is an example of a toddler chair intended for young children.  It features solid mortise and tenon joinery - hand-carved - and a hand-woven, padded seat.  This particular chair is available for $190 plus shipping.  If you prefer a woven fabric tape back, I can build you a similar chair with your choice of color(s).  (I buy this fabric tape from the Shaker Workshop catalog - you can have your choice of the colors available there.)  Remember, each of these pieces is individually built from materials on-hand; each one is unique!  

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